How we have changed

A few days ago, a grandmother told one of our clipping service providers how her first work as a “journalist” was at a terrible press office (yes, she called it this). It was where she read newspapers and magazines from five in the morning and then literally cut out pieces, photocopy them and finally compose, bind and put them into envelopes to send the reports to a messenger that would bring them to the corresponding companies and institutions.

Technology has changed many things in the world of communication as what happened in all sectors. The Internet revolution means no turning back for media and readers and also for the daily work of the communications consultant. It is true that still a fax machine can be still found in the market which is now seen as vintage from leading brands like Philips and HP, but for these consultants they are not a thing of the not so distant past.

We no longer send press releases by fax or mail!, or paste hundreds of slides to stapled sheets, or we let our fingers put invitations for a press conference into envelopes. Emails and managers of databases are increasingly more advanced, even Whatsapp! We have to come back to a time where we must return to the origins of the communication, to create and tell stories, to provide topics tailored to each medium, and to seek the human touch within the information.

Do you think that we have changed?


Esther Gago

Licenciada en Periodismo por la Universidad de Sevilla en el año…, bueno, da igual. Lleva 14 años trabajando y aprendiendo en Atrevia, la mayor parte de ellos en el departamento de tecnología, aunque también he tocado el sector del turismo, el descanso, la salud…

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