Núria Vilanova, in La República: “Communication at the heart of strategy”

La República, one of Colombia’s most important economic and financial newspapers, has published the latest column by ATREVIA’s president, Núria Vilanova, titled “Communication at the Heart of Strategy”. In the 10 years since she published her first column in La República, the world, communication, and companies have changed radically, as evidenced in the book Communication at the Heart of Strategy, which collects a selection of her articles in this newspaper.

It is time to reflect on a decade marked by my growing commitment to Ibero-America, whether through the expansion of the consultancy I founded, now present in 12 countries in the region, or through the drive of the Business Council Alliance for Ibero-America (CEAPI), which already brings together presidents or CEOs of 280 companies.

A time and an experience that have served me to strengthen five convictions:

1- Companies are too important to be confined to a single country. If you trust in your project, your ideas, and your team, there is no need to limit yourself. Because when you know how to add value in one sector, you can do it in others in different countries by enhancing synergies. For example – and it is a close case – if you are good at managing football teams, you can do it in different places at the same time and rotate players between squads.

2- The economy shapes geostrategy. The larger and more global their companies, the stronger the countries to which they belong. A trend that is becoming more pronounced and that I already predicted would attract investment to the region. There it is, whether because it is an attractive market or because of its significant natural resources, the renewed interest in Latin America for investors from Europe, the US, and China; but also for new players like India, Qatar, or the Emirates.

3- It is Ibero-America’s time. We must move from the concept of multilatinas to that of multi-Ibero-American companies. Before, companies only dared to grow and invest in the region. But this dynamic has changed. Mexico is already the fourth investor in Spain, where more and more Colombian companies operate, such as Colombina, Crepes & Waffles, Nutresa, Juan Valdez, or Clarel. From there, we have developed the theory of the virtuous triangle because when you rely on two pillars – Latin America and Spain – you are better prepared to enter high-volume and high purchasing power markets such as the US or Europe.

4- Believing and creating is not enough: you have to grow. Increases of more than 4% of GDP and betting on real investment and education are the only way to develop policies that raise the standard of living of the most disadvantaged layers, avoid social tensions, or feed populism. The solution is for public and private initiative to go hand in hand; agree on agendas and promote joint projects.

Only then will Latin America escape the growth trap, which happens when growth does not translate into social progress.

5- Communication, an opportunity to create blue oceans. That communication is at the heart of strategy, as the future and sustainability of companies depend on it, means that before starting a project, we must ask ourselves what its purpose and objective are, who our stakeholders are, or how to convince legislators of its goodness. From there, we must listen to all our audiences and through all channels because the ability to analyze and research data gives us ‘superpowers’ and opens up a world in which to develop new business models.

These are five convictions present in all the decisions I make, whether leading my own company or ensuring that CEAPI contributes to increasing the number of those who believe, create, and grow in Ibero-America: a reality with a bright future.

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