Understanding interest groups, a key aspect for communication in Latin America

Latin America is a region with enormous potential for Spanish companies and for the rest of Europe. Those who wish to do business there must identify and understand their interest groups. They have to analyze in detail what are their rights and obligations. In this process, the communication consultants and Public Affairs at ATREVIA have a great deal to say and do: drawing from your needs, we will enter into mutual dynamic cooperation which is more personal and this will help to build a valuable network. It is essential to take care of and maintain a network of personal and professional contacts in order to grow in Latin markets.

Being perceived as new conquerors of the region is a risk that companies often face in their internationalization process into Latin America. There is a public viewpoint in these countries that foreign companies will squeeze all their resources from the country so that they will leave when it ceases to be profitable. In order to deactivate this prejudice, organizations and brands should decide which region to place themselves and then they should follow three guidelines:

  1. Convey your commitment to stay in the country.
  2. Develop Social Responsibility policies and create shared value in the area in which you settle
  3. Carry out social action initiatives which are appropriate to the needs of the region

Defining your distinctive value and contribution to each market, as well as transmitting your commitment to the community and the country are the golden rules to amplify business opportunities in Latin America.

Mercè Ribera

Vicepresidenta de ATREVIA Latam, soy miembro del equipo fundador de ATREVIA. Licenciada en Ciencias Biológicas por la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona y PDG por el IESE Business School. Inicié mi carrera profesional como divulgadora científica en medios de información general y en publicaciones especializada, hasta que empecé a colaborar con Núria Vilanova. Fundé la primera oficina de Inforpress en América Latina, localizada en Sao Paulo. Actualmente ATREVIA dispone de oficinas propias en Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Perú, Puerto Rico, Washington y Bruselas, además de nuestras oficinas en España y Portugal.

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