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A few weeks ago, IAB Spain, the advertising, marketing and digital communication association in Spain, presented the 4th Study of the Activity of Brands on Social Media, the fourth edition of the report that arises from the need to standardize the activity of brands on social media.

Based on the PRGS model (Presence, Response, Generation and Suggestion), the report brings the attention of some of the presented conclusions. They contribute their grain of sand in this confusion and that those who are dedicated to communication can serve for us as a guide.

In Spain, the following conclusions are highlighted on the activities of brands on social media:

  • Brands have an average community of 460,179 fans / followers on social media, registering an increase of 5% in respect to the previous year.
  • The average amount of posts per month is 436, which represents a decrease of 18% from the previous year. This is to say that the brands have reduced their generation of content, perhaps too high in previous years (and this no longer a subjective opinion).
  • 75% of users that follow brands on social media generate some response towards them on their channels.
  • Only 4% of the users generate some type of unique content for the brands on social media.
  • 20% of fans/followers of brands on social media suggest or recommend the brands that they follow.

The report includes detailed information on the behavior of brands based on the four parameters of the PRGS model but it will highlight only some who have called me more attention don’t extend too much:

  • As for the Presence variable, social networks have become the customer channel for excellence; in addition to the predominant use made as a communication channel and especially as audiovisual channel.
  • The variable Generation, meanwhile, has grown the participation through feedback from users, especially related to culture and video games brands as well as having high levels of participation in social networks.
  • Suggestions let us see which are the social causes and public bodies which cause an increase shared by the follower’s contents.
  • The “Second Screen” phenomenons, with TV series, reality shows, sports, news and live events, triggered content shares by users organically.
  • If you would like to know all the details of the report, it is available here.

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