4 steps for successful SEO on your YouTube channel

4 steps for successful SEO on your YouTube channel

  • Why YouTube

When a company plans to create a YouTube channel, it normally responds to the need of storing audiovisual material so that it will become accessible. Almost every strategy starts from scratch. It is an excuse to embark on YouTube but one of the most relevant positioning tools in search engines is: Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Taking care of SEO on YouTube makes sense as it is the second most used searcher in the world and  it is closely linked to the first (Google). If we search whatever terms on Google, it is not strange that between the first positions show videos. This provides clarity bu using text but also images. Tempting, is it not? We have a good reason to do it well from the beginning.

  • Set up your YouTube channel

Complete all the information requested and not only the graphic elements. Link your channel to your web page, Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts. The more you have on your account, the more interest you are showing Google you have on it. This will help you with positioning. In addition, it will open the possibility of using interesting elements like cards which we will talk about later.

  • Complete all fields for each video

Think of a word or phrase as short as possible that describes your video (Keyword). Use Google Trends to see if it is really a word or phrase that people are looking for. Titles, descriptions, labels and distribution lists with creative names are created around it which have several videos on the same topic. It tries to be faithful to the content of the video because, if YouTube detects that its users click into  the video and leave it a few seconds, your content will be considered not relevant and others videos will be placed ahead of your video.

It will let you upload a custom video thumbnail. YouTube offers you 3 images, but rarely succeeds to be relevant for those who see it and  it also has a rather small size. Choose a photo of yourself or by video capture to try and create a fit with the content. Adjust it to look good and to attract clicks. That it is.

  • Attract traffic to your website from YouTube

If you have done the previous points well, you will see that your videos are beginning to appear suggested in other videos. This will show in search results and will increase your views. And now? You are not limited to achieving awareness for your brand or products: make your latest workshop gain visibility and your campaigns and promotions are visible all the time. Transform yourself! Make good SEO positioning for your YouTube channel in order to attract traffic to your webpage.

If you have correctly set up your channel (especially in association with your webpage) you can use YouTube cards. This function allows you to include up to 5 links with images to sites like your channel or your webpage. These cards can be seen from computers as well as mobile devices. Then you can take advantages of the traffic and interest that your videos generate so that your visitors expand or request more information, registrations, leads or direct sales.

In summary, is you set up your channel well, complete videos with titles, descriptions, tags and thumbnails and you redirect your visitors to your webpage, what began as a video library can become a powerful digital marketing tool thanks to digital SEO for YouTube. Do not miss the chance to try it.


Sergi Navarro

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