Domestic communication: “Look inward to grow outwards”

We share the article that Núria Vilanova published in the daily Colombian economic, corporate and financial newspaper La República on Domestic Communication.


The corporate world registers profound changes that not only affect their daily business activities but also the approach in which the corporations relate with the environment, ecosystem and the public. To confront these new challenges, companies have had to design new strategies, communications and carry out insights into what has happened, repair what after a while what one of their main stakeholders have forgotten: their own workforce.

Today this has changed. Companies have been leaving behind their single pivot communication plans (the external public) and now discuss the relevant role of domestic communication in improving the reputation, business results and the balance. Organizations have carried out the exercise of looking inward to grow outward. For me, as a communicator and a business woman, I am obsessed with domestic communication and I am convinced that is necessary to involve and align employees with the objectives of the company and we will be on a good path.

I think that corporations should, now more than ever, think of their workforce as vehicles of change: the experience that has been shown to me and many other business people that employees are the essence of the company, the basis of sustainability. They are the real stars of organization and that domestic communication is the strategic piece to manage and guarantee success. It is vital to drive the feeling of pride of belonging, link, motivate, manage talent and create engagement with some of their employees that can arrive to being the best ambassadors of the company, through plans and projects that give them prominence.

Therefore, this is understood with the increasing number of Latin American countries, especially in Colombia where I detect special sensitivity to this issue. Colombia has exemplary models of good practice in domestic communication. The EMP Group (which already received the award for Domestic Communication from the Observatory in Spain for their Project Boletín Telefónico), Corona, Mineros S.A. and Pacific Rubiales have developed models based on multichannel strategies, encourage engagement and leaves hierarchal patterns behind. They have opted for horizontal parameters and driven by collaboration networks. They have placed with employee success and the retention of talent as axis of brand transformation.

In Spain, they continue very attentively the Latin American initiatives in this environment and in fact, in the Domestic Communication Observatory that in the upcoming weeks will hold the 8th edition and what was organized by ATREVIA, Capital Humano and the IE Business School have created a specific category that awards the best experience in Domestic Communication of Latin American companies.

I am sure that the good management practices of people have converted in the best corporate marketing for companies. We are in the people era and these are the best investment of a company. The use of the internet has had much to see with this change of approach which favors multinational to place the employee in the centre. Here are three key strategic steps should be set up: know how to inform, how to participate and move to action.

I think that Domestic Communication has a decisive influence to achieve the objectives of the company, especially in an enormous environment and growing corporate competitiveness and with the great possibility of mobility of the collaborators. The economic situation has required companies to undergo a profound transformation. They have called to revise the organizational model to place employees on the foreground, travel in a new way that is deemed appropriate. Companies with the most success today are those that have decided to look inwards, move in and link in to be in a position to grow in the future.


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