Content, the best gateway between the brand and digital consumer

Leonardo da Vinci drew the Vitruvian Man in the late 15th century by joining a circle and a square which is like the centre of the Universe. More recently, more than 25 years ago, Patti Smith seduced us with a song that would be later converted into one of the anthems of the 20th century with the chorus People have the Power. Later in 2010, Marina Abramovic in her performance The Artist is Present stood in an open space with an empty chair to work with any viewer who dared to sit and intervene. The man in the centre, the mass of individuals who have the power to change and the visitor are part of the artist and art.

How do we see all of this digitally? This new context is characterized by consumer anthropocentrism and it involves enormous challenges for businesses and communications. It is a challenge that tests the ability to build effective bridges that come and create business opportunities.

The main gateway between the user and company is without a doubt the content. Our audiences increasingly need and demand to be part of the story, message and brands. Nowadays, consumers but especially digital natives demand quality content so that no longer we can simply say that content is the king but instead it must be relevant.  Audiences are increasingly immersed in a universe full of stimuli, messages and digital platforms which are both established and emerging. It is necessary to captivate them through differentiated content with believable, honest and personalized messages which is what enables brands to build lasting relationships.

Brands must make a qualitative leap to reach a new dimension of the story. They must find the appropriate channels so that products and services have their own identity. They key to captivate consumers is to make them travel, live and enjoy experiences. The communication model that will succeed will be the one in which the content provides value and benefits.

I invite you to discover Leonardo and his motivate, Patty and her determination and why not, Marina and her disruptive art.

Hugo Caula

Licenciado en Comunicación Audiovisual y Máster en Dirección de Marketing Digital, posee distintos estudios sobre gestión de comunidades digitales y creación de formatos multiplataforma. Ha trabajado en el ámbito digital tanto desde la marca como desde distintas agencias del sector, desarrollando su carrera como responsable de equipos multidisciplinares y grandes cuentas.  Ha dirigido proyectos de comunicación digital e inversión en medios para cuentas como Xacobeo 2010, Endesa, Samsung, Kelloggs, Páginas Amarillas, Correos.

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