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14 Jul: Understanding interest groups, a key aspect for communication in Latin America

Latin America is a region with enormous potential for Spanish companies and for the rest of Europe. Those who wish to do business there must identify and understand their interest groups. They have to analyze in detail what are their rights and obligations. In this process, the communication consultants and Public Affairs at ATREVIA have a great deal to say and do: drawing from your needs, we will enter into mutual dynamic cooperation which is more personal and this will…

24 May: Virtual reality, “Third Lifes” and glasses for everyone

Anyone who has become aware of the evolution of the Internet in recent years (or is just simply connected) will know that being a successful social network for a long time is not an easy task. Without looking back too much, we would run out of fingers on our hands if we had to count all those initiatives that used to have millions of users and were valued in millions of dollars that are now forgotten. Without a doubt, it…

29 Apr: Cultural diversity, cosmopolitan businesses and innovation

“Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.” Malcom Forbes Multiculturalism is not a new concept. Big societies have been created across a splendid mixture where various cultures have converged to give way to new characteristics, ideologies and different shades. They have had to learn to live merge and evolve together. What it does is relatively new in the way the concept is extrapolated to the business environment. Cultural diversity has continued showing exponential figures, the opening of markets and internationalization…

07 Apr: How we have changed

A few days ago, a grandmother told one of our clipping service providers how her first work as a “journalist” was at a terrible press office (yes, she called it this). It was where she read newspapers and magazines from five in the morning and then literally cut out pieces, photocopy them and finally compose, bind and put them into envelopes to send the reports to a messenger that would bring them to the corresponding companies and institutions. Technology has…

07 Mar: The activity of brands on social media

A few weeks ago, IAB Spain, the advertising, marketing and digital communication association in Spain, presented the 4th Study of the Activity of Brands on Social Media, the fourth edition of the report that arises from the need to standardize the activity of brands on social media. Based on the PRGS model (Presence, Response, Generation and Suggestion), the report brings the attention of some of the presented conclusions. They contribute their grain of sand in this confusion and that those…

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